Welcome to Moonlite Shadow Doujinshi!

This site exists to offer fellow anime fans and doujinshi collectors information on different doujinshi books, basic doujin information, where to buy doujinshi, other doujin collector sites and various articles about everything in the anime community.

Please pardon the dust as we get the layout settled. :D


New layout is up! :D Bringing back an oldie but goodie - A Duo Maxwell layout by Sango Show!

The books will start to be added this weekend. Two new features will be a rating system on each book, and the addition of Lightbox in order to view images! :D


Almost 1 year later.... XD I spent several months recovering from my illness both physically and mentally. While I now have a clean bill of health, I still haven't recovered financially. I haven't purchased any new doujinshi since I had gotten sick, and I won't be going to many conventions this year. However, I will be attending San Diego Comic Con in July, and New York City Comic-Con/Anime Fest. I hope to actually start adding books in again now that my schedule is clearing up. :D I will be working on a new layout to celebrate the return of the website!


The whole "Book a day" almost worked out. Until I almost died.

While I didn't get them posted and formatted, I did scan a book a day.

But then I went to AnimeNEXT.

Where I caught the flu, which bloomed into both viral & bacterial pneumonia. I spent a whole three weeks in the hospital, two of which were spent under sedation and on life support.

I just returned home today. I am still pretty weak. However since it will be a while since I can return to work, I can start up scanning again. :D I did pick up new doujin at the con, but I just added them randomly to my piles. XD

First thing that you may notice is that Hey! There's no Doujinshi! Don't worry, starting tomorrow, there will be. XD Today I was finishing up getting the other pages at least mostly operational.

Instead of adding all the doujinshi at once, I will be adding them bit by bit as time goes by. I will be adding 2-3 doujinshi a week on weekdays, and around 4+ on weekends, time permitting. Each doujinshi will be added with complete information, cover scans, and inside previews.


Layout image from "Sands of Time #1" by Sango Show.