Here I will list all the breeds available in EN, seperated by Light Breeds, Drafts and Ponies & Misc in alphabetical order. Each list will include the breed's country of origin, the range of heights each breed comes in and the colors each breed comes in. It will also include a link to any breed registry if there is any, and to the breed's Wikipedia page where you can learn more about it. Lastly, it also includes any notes such as additional names for the breed, unique traits, etc.

If you have any information that I may be missing, find a broken link or typo, please toss me a message!

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Light Horses

Light Horses A-F

Light Horses G-N

Light Horses O-W

Draft Horses

Draft Horses


Ponies A-H

Ponies J-Y


Miscellaneous Breeds
Bashkir, Cape Horse, Hausa, Icelandic, Madagascar Pony, Norwegian Fjord, Przewalski, Tarpan

Easy Crossbreed List
A list of all crossbreeds in the game and what breed x breed makes that crossbreed!