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Q: Why do you not take layout commissions?
A: They are just as time consuming as art commissions, and I actually really hate doing HTML coding. So the less I have to do, the better. Also, the few times I did do commissions, I got them to work perfectly on my accounts, but those whom I did the commissions for kept messing up the HTML and coding and I had to waste more time trying to help them fix it. =/

Q: You seem to like popular breeds, but yet I've never seen you breed Quarter Horses. Do you plan on picking them up in the future?
A: No. Never. You will never see a Quarter Horse grace my stables outside of my yearly Halloween Horse QH that I train for others. Why? Because I hate them. They are my least favorite horse breed in the world. The only horses I have known on a personal level in real life were Quarter Horses, and they were horrible ambassadors and forever turned me off of the breed. And even though I know most QH's are not like them, the sight of some of those obscenely muscled halter-style QH's disgust me.


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