Eh.. not one of my better layout designs. XD I had an idea but then I forgot what it was.. and ended up with... this..

This layout features two of my favorite characters from the MMORPG World of Warcraft. On top left we have Prince Anduin Wrynn of Stormwind. A pacifist priest son of a pit-fighting king, he works to right wrongs, fight against injustice, and try to talk the villians into becoming good guys - which doesn't quite always work. At bottom right we have Wrathion, a two year old (Yes, 2!) who is the last of the black dragons on Azeroth, and son of the mighty and maniacal aspect Deathwing. He slaughtered all of the other black dragons in the world, claiming they were tainted with his father's insanity. He now seeks to "save the world" by hiring champions to do the dirty work for him, and will stop at no underhanded means in order to "protect" the planet. And when these two polar-opposite princes meet, hilarity and hijinks often ensue.

This layout features a pale blue color, with darker colors for the main text box, table headers and menu bars. The links are white and darker blue for the visited colors.


Here are some extras, including several different catagory headers and a matching icon for your profile. Right click and either download to your computer and re-upload them on your own image host site, or "View Image" to get the pic URL.



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