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Naming Resources

Having trouble finding a name for your horse? Need some inspiration? Want to give your horse a quick name but don't want to spend a lot of time on it?

I will put a list of links here to various sites that host useful and awesome name generators. Just go to these sites, click a button, and they generate names! Quick and easy!

Clicking a link will open a new window.

The Links

Seventh Sanctum Name Generators
This is one of my favorite naming sites. It alone has 24 different name style generators to choose from! My personal favorite name generators here are "Greek Namers" "Angel/Demon Name Generator" and "Magical Legend Pony Generator". The site also has a lot more generators then just names, they're a good resource for any writer!

This site has 4 styles of name generators, split up by gender. Fantasy Names, French Names, Japanese Names, and Medieval Names. There is also a Fantasy Novel Title generator which has some good potential horse names as well.

Ultimate Name Generator
If you have some time, check this one out! This can generate names from a multitude of different languages, regions, fantasy, literature, fun themed, and more!


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