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About the Adoption Program

If you've spent enough time on the game and perusing through horses, you may have come across one of my horses. Unless I'm being lazy about uploading, you can see my horses have my own art as their images.

I have finally found a way to allow other players to use my art to use on their own horses without driving me insane with an overflowing work load. Adoptables!

When I have free time, I will make a number of pre-made art images and post them here on the site. Some will be free, permenant additions for new members to use. Others will cost a fee, but they will be only available on a first-come first serve basis, and will be personalized with text. They will be unique as once a design is sold, it will not be used again.

And I will also open up occasional slots of custom adoptables, to be colored the way you want them to be! If you have a decent photograph, I can even color a horse to look like your own real horse if you want!

Also, they can be used for more then just horses on EN! The customs I make can even help recreate your beloved equine Role Playing characters! Just mention it's for a Roleplaying character and I can change the information from EN's basic information to a styled character sheet! Check out the Custom Adoptions fore more information!

Make sure to check out the rules below, and more information about each type of adoptable will be listed on their respective pages.


Please note that all prices are listed in EN $. I do not accept real money or Buyer Bucks for Adoptables.

Basic Adoptables: - $1,000,000 per image.
New Player Adoptables: Free!
Custom Adoptables: $1,000,000 for solid colored horses. $3,500,000 for paint/appaloosa horses.

Prices are currently flexible until I can gage what a good price is from the community :D

Rules/Terms of Use

1. Regardless of whether it is a free or paid horse, My Credit must remain on the image! I try to make it as small as I can while still be readable, and in an out-of-the way location. It is there so people know who made it, and so they can get back to this site to get more!

2. Custom and Basic adoptables are available for Equus Nation players only, as I require payment through that game. My free adoptables can be used on other games. However, the credits must still remain.

4. If you can, please download the image to your computer and re-upload it to a service such as Photobucket or Imageshack. This helps to save on my bandwidth and allow me to host even more horses.

5. You MUST Download and Upload the images for Special Edition free horses, as once their time runs out, the image will be deleted from my server. So if you hotlink to it, it will just show up as a broken image and you won't be able to get a copy of that image again.


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